Who We Are

Pictured here is myself, Dan Hendrick along with my wife Ruth and son Jackson. I was born and raised in Lake Jackson, Texas. This was 15 miles from Angelton where my grandparents lived. I graduated from Brazoswood High School and Brazosport College. I moved to the San Antonio area in 1998 just before I married Ruth in 1999. Hendrick Painting was started in June of 1999. I am happy to carry on my grandfathers trade

Our Family

Pictured here is Bryce and Ruth McMasters who were just married after Bryces serving in the airforce during WWII. Soon thereafter Bryce attended school to learn the painting trade. Back then, school was neccessary to learn how to properly mix and make your own paint. I (Dan Hendrick) still have the test he took and textbooks he studied on how to mix paint etc. dated 1951 from the Delahanty Institute Brooklyn NY. He had his own company in New York until the mid 1970s when they moved to Angelton Texas, 45 miles south of Houston to be closer to their daughter Elyse (my mother an artist painter). Bryce then became supervisor of painting at Dow Chemical.

Our Goal

The quality of our work is our primary importance. We want the best results for your home, down to the last detail. We strive to keep a clean environment so that when we are done, only the colors will be different in your home.

We only use high quality paints that will last, ensuring your investment for years to come.